Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cool Runnings

Just remembered that they played "Cool Runnings" on the overnight bus we took from Adelaide to Melbourne. Really weird at 3 in the morning in the middle of the outback.

Any-hoo...My mother arrives tomorrow! She must be at JFK waiting for her outbound flight to Sydney as I type. Hopefully, with all the latest terror, um, stuff, she's not too freaked out and will have a smooth series of flights.

A slight spanner has been thrown into the works of my Mom and Mike's visits: I start a new job on a trial basis tomorrow (want to see how I work with the rest of the small office). It's with an independent record label here in Wellington, and they have some really cool bands signed.
So far, I'm keenest on a band called "Fly My Pretties", which is basically a jam band made up of some of New Zealand's finest musicians. They've recorded two live CDs, and the whole premise behind it is really cool. Check out the info here.

You can also check out a 30 minute documentary about the idea of FMP and the cast of characters here and here.

So anyway, we'll see how that works out. It may cut into some of my vacation time with my visitors, but hopefully it will all work out for the best.


Monday, August 07, 2006


6 months today.

It's getting better all the time. I'm really enjoying myself, my friends, and getting to know Wellington.

It's a perfect time for people that I love to visit from home, although the weather may be a little unpredictable.

Love and miss you guys!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

United 93

So I decided when I first heard about the film United 93 that seeing it was not of interest to me, nor did I ever think it would be. This is not a form of protest, just self-protection. For me it is too soon; although that puts some kind of timeline on when it will be the "right time" for a film like this, and I can't say that I know that there ever will be. Personally.

I don't have anything against the film, nor anyone's desire to see it. It's just not something I need to see. I've already seen too much, and will probably have forever to deal with it. I would never want to inflict any more than that on myself.

So fine. No harm done, right.

So I go and pay $11NZD to see a film called "Colour Me Kubrick", starring John Malkovich as this kook who in the 90s paraded himself around London as the famous film director, without looking anything like the man, nor having much knowledge of his filmography. From the previews it looked at the very least like Malkovich is up there having a gay old time, and I couldn't wait to see more. I was in the mood for some interesting cinema, and most in the mood to laugh at John Malkovich's playtime on-screen.

First, however, I had to sit through a preview. Only one preview, which is a god-send in today's movie theatres. Unfortunately, it was a preview for United 93 and I was not amused.

Here's why:

As I stated before, I have nothing against the film (how could I, I haven't seen it). I just do not choose to subject myself to any more of the happenings on Sept 11 than I already have. Some people have long gotten over their reactions to it. I have not. It is still ridiculously, almost laughably painful for me.

So if I ever see a commercial for the film, I change the channel, or mute it and go to the bathroom, or whatnot. I avoid it because it's not something I choose to watch. And I should be able to control what I watch.
But today, when I paid $11 to see a funny movie, and was prepared only for a funny movie, I had to sit through a 45-second (coulda been 45-hour for all I care) preview in which not only did they show a reenactment of the happenings on that particular flight, but also forced me to watch additional footage that we've all seen before: the second plane hitting the Twin Towers.

Now, to the film's credit, but to my dismay, I was absolutely sick to my stomach. This moment, and the actors "watching" it in the scene, completely captured the horror of that act. So much so that I started crying uncontrollably.

At a fucking preview.

It is one thing to pay money to see this, and I respect people's rights to do so. However, I am specifically not paying any money to see this because I already know how it will make me feel. So I should be safe, right? Apparently not. I can go to something that has absolutely nothing in common with this event -- John Malkovich strutting around in belted pajamas, stilettos, and fishnet fingerless gloves, with varying faux-British/Brooklyn/Redneck accents, trying it on with various members of London society -- and when my guard is completely down and I'm grinning sillily in anticipation of this romp, I get socked in the gut with this United 93 bullshit.

A note to the marketing gurus responsible for this preview: not fucking funny.