Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day at the farm

Heritage Prairie Farm, where we're having our wedding, had a special Mother's Day brunch - so we brought Mike's parents out from Peoria to show them the place, celebrate the occasion, and finally see the farm with a little green on it. :)
While it was a wee bit chilly when clouds got in the way - when the sun shone, it was spectacular. We finally could start thinking about how we wanted to map out the day without having to use too much of our imagination.

Two musicians played lovely music to accompany the brunch. We're considering them for the wedding. :)

We've got THIS for the whole wedding weekend!

The food...oh! the food!

This, sadly, is not at the farm - it's the Herrington Inn on the Fox River in nearby Geneva. Perfect for a honeymoon suite. :)