Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm at a loss for how to acknowledge the tragedy in Christchurch yesterday.

My thoughts, and prayers, and love, and hope are with all the Kiwis affected by yesterday's earthquake.

Without any other outlets, I've spent the day poring over photos and videos and accounts of the damage and the horror. It's doing my head in, but I have no other options since I'm not there. It's heartbreaking.

Please, if you happen to read this and live in NZ - and have a spare room or bed or floor - post it on this site:

Accommodation for Earthquake Stricken Cantabrians

If you can help financially, please do so here:

Salvation Army

or here:

American New Zealand Association

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A break from the festivities

Before I get to our New Zealand posts, a brief intermission is called for to address our most recent phenomena:


Here are some photos of the blizzard that hit last night and today: