Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This makes me happy

It's embarrassing. We got back from our honeymoon over SIX MONTHS AGO and I can't get my act together to create the last two posts. It's a bit of a juggle of thoughts, photos, and remembrances, and I very rarely can get all three to function simultaneously. I promise to get these done this summer...but even that seems like a total cop-out.

While I try to get it all worked out, I think I should just get back to blogging in general. I always make it so hard on myself because I think I have to create these masterpieces in order to hit "publish", but then I realize that I don't, and I haven't, so even just a little thing is nice.

I just read Eleanor Catton's first novel "The Rehearsal" and I'm feeling both inspired and not. You see, I actually know Ellie (although it's been a few years) from my time living in NZ. We had some theatre classes together, and I liked her immediately...but I had no idea she had this in her. She always struck me as creative, bright, beautiful and interesting - but this is something else: pure, brilliant talent. I'm honestly in awe that she created this thing; that these words and sentences, in this style and clarity, came out of her mind. I didn't want the novel to end, and throughout it I had to keep reminding myself that Eleanor is the Ellie I went to Vic Uni with.

So I'm inspired while at the same time feeling uninspired.

I want to create something too. I want to give birth to something creative and tangible and I don't know what it is.

So in the meantime I'm searching for inspiration, and maybe that's what this blog post is about. Today I stumbled upon this, which reminded me of how we felt at our wedding:

Watch 8,000 Paper Lanterns Float Into the Sky

Do you like pretty things? Here's a pretty thing: 8,000 paper lanterns floating into the sky above Poznan in central Poland on June 21st to celebrate the shortest night of the year.
The 8,000 lamps "smashed the Polish record for largest number of lanterns released at one time," according to the Daily Mail. We would ask what happens when all those flaming balls of paper fall to earth, but let's not disturb the magic of the thing—let's just assume a beautiful cherry tree springs up where each one lands.